Friday, October 23, 2009

Our lives are boring but I have a cute coat

I missed posting yesterday so I will go ahead and catch you up on what has been going on around here the last 2 days:


Andrew has the flu. Now, I don't really think its the pig kind but he has had a fever and aching joints. I am giving him lots of medicine and he is making a nice recovery.

I did a lot of cleaning/organizing Thursday. I organized the armoire upstairs and it now holds all of our jackets and coats as well as board games, movies, video games, and the books from my childhood. Its an odd mix, I know. I've had to get creative with my storage solutions here.

Since the old kitchen has been ripped out and the new kitchen isn't installed yet, cooking is difficult. Thursday night we just got Chinese takeout and played video games. Not much of a challenge, I know.


The hardwood guy got sick so he didn't come today. Andrew stayed home from work. His fever is pretty much staying down. I've been Lysoling everything like crazy.

I went over to Kat's this afternoon and we got to Skype with Lauren and meet her Korean boyfriend. He seems nice and I can tell she really likes him. I'm just glad to see her happy. Plus, they are adorable.

Kat and I grabbed lunch and had a few minutes to catch up before she had to get back to her very busy life. Hopefully we'll get some more time later this week.

I am applying for a job in Maryland. Andrew thinks it would be great if I get it. At least then I'll be close to Kristin in Delaware.

Tonight we cooked paninis on the Foreman and watched Land of the Lost. Pretty funny. I vaguely remember that show from when I was a kid. Will Ferrell is pretty hysterical. I don't like him in a lot of movies but in this he was okay. Stupid, yes, but I wasn't in mood for a movie that makes me have to think too much.

We were going to head up to Jonesboro in the morning for the homecoming game but Andrew still isn't feeling his best and I didn't want to overdo it. So we will stay here and lounge around. But if you do head up there to catch the festivities, tell everyone we say hello.

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