Friday, October 2, 2009

I'm getting really sick of updating like this

We are getting ready to leave soon to head up to Mt. Nebo for Laura's wedding weekend! But before we do, here is a little of what we have been doing the past few days:


We went back to the apartment in the morning to pick up the last few things and do last minute cleaning. We finally got it all done. And we turned in our keys. So we are officially moved out. So long 403.

When we got back to the house, we ate Corky's barbecue and watched a movie. And we packed for this weekend and went to bed early. We were both really tired. All of this moving business has us absolutely wiped out.


We went back to the apartment for more moving/packing. It feels like we will never get this done.

Remember the porch that I started revamping a few months ago? Well, I never finished it. And now that we're moving out, something had to be done about it. So Andrew got to work on it. He scraped it clean from all the adhesive they used to install the outdoor carpet (puke) and put down adhesive remover to get it really clean. My mom helped him. And when that is done, they are going to paint it with grey cement paint. It should look really good.

My mom took us out to lunch today @ McAlister's. It was delicious. Then she and I went back to the apartment and finished cleaning while Andrew went to class. He got his test back from the other day. He made a 103 on it. I am incredibly proud of him. He is doing so well and really seems to be enjoying it. And now I'm thinking that all these years of him not really caring about school and getting average grades was just because he wasn't applying himself. He just had to find that one thing that he really loves and is interested in. And I think he's found it. I know that is a relief to him and incredibly encouraging.

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