Friday, October 16, 2009

A pretty good Friday, I think.

So, Andrew and I are completely addicted to the LoseIt app on our iPhones. Its an app that tracks everything you eat and how many calories you are consuming every day. It just keeps you on track with eating healthy and exercising. And it has access to hundreds of different restaurants' menus so its really easy to add things if you eat out. And its almost become a game for me. I have to try to fit as many things into my eating as possible without going over 1,133 calories (yes, that's how many I'm allowed). And I have to enter it into my daily log before I will eat it. And I even have to enter water even though its zero calories. I am a little OCD about it. But what am I not OCD about? Andrew gets like 900 more calories than I do which isn't always fair. But whatever. I will just be skinnier than him.
Demolition started tonight on the old kitchen. The cabinets are getting ripped out in preparation for the new floor. My dad taught Tyler how to saw. It was adorable.
Also, the 2009 World Gymnastics Competition is going on this week. I have been watching live coverage on the Internet all week. NBC's coverage will be airing October 24-25 but let me go ahead and just ruin it for you a little bit: Bridget Sloan gets gold in women's all around after Rebecca Bross messes up on the last tumbling pass of her floor routine (the last rotation). Bross gets silver. Some Japanese girl gets third. Jonathan Horton messes up right out of the gate -- sits down during the first tumbling pass of his floor routine (the first rotation) and never fully recovers -- continues to mess up on every apparatus. He didn't even finish in the top 10. Some Japanese guy gets gold. Some British kid gets silver. Which I'm glad about. Britain has never had a male gymnast medal in the World Competition. And then I don't even remember who got bronze. The men were kind of a let down. Individual Event Finals start tomorrow @ 8:55a.
Today we love:
Special K Red Berries
Panera Bread Co.
warm jackets
sunny weather

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