Sunday, October 25, 2009

Way to go Cowboys!

We both woke up feeling horrible. Andrew threw up and I slept late. The flooring guy was back and making so much noise I thought the house was going to fall down but I managed to sleep through it.

We had Arby's for lunch and sat down for an afternoon of sports. I watched a little ice skating and the television broadcast of the Worlds Gymnastics apparatus event finals even though I already watched them online last week.

Then Andrew and I (and Tillie) watched Dallas kill Atlanta. They are looking pretty good this season. Miles Austin is new to the team and I hadn't really seen him play before but he had a really good game and did a lot for the team. I am excited to see what he can do later on in the season.

We grilled hamburgers for dinner. The new kitchen cabinets and appliances go in on Friday. I'm ready to actually have somewhere to cook and eat again. And to use real plates and silverware.

We are watching Land of the Lost for the third time. Andrew is really digging that movie.

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