Sunday, October 18, 2009

so much noise, it makes my head hurt.

Demolition continued at 3104 today. The doorway to the old kitchen got ripped out in preparation for the new wider one. And all of the lower cabinets on the left side got ripped out as well. The floor is halfway out. All that is left is the sink, upper cabinets, stove, and the rest of the floor.
I woke up with some pretty bad sinus head pain. I'm sure all that pounding and dust didn't help at all. All of the medicine and caffeine in the world couldn't help me today.
We got lunch from Jason's Deli. I had a turkey wrap and the most delicious tomato basil soup I have ever eaten. I will most definitely be partaking in that again soon.
Andrew had to work brunch today but he came home relatively early. We tried to hide from all the commotion downstairs because it was putting us in horrible moods. And now that it's over for the day, we are going to snuggle to enjoy a movie and the beautiful sound of stillness.

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