Thursday, October 25, 2012

For Rim:

My very good friend, Lauren (affectionately referred to as Rim, Reech, or anything at all, really) lives in Seoul, South Korea. And she hates to shop. So, as the weather starts to get chilly, she's finding out that her summer clothes are no longer cutting it. That's where I come in. I've put together a list of pretty basic necessities for toughing out the cold South Korean winter. Per her request, most of these things come from H&M, since it's widely available there and is attainable on a teacher/student's budget.

These are just a guideline, Rim. You don't have to seek out these exact items. These are just the things that seemed like something you'd wear. And yes, I realize that many of these items are exactly what I'd dress an old fisherman in. What can I say, I guess in my head you're out there braving the waves like The Old Man and the Sea.

For Rim:

  1. Counting Sheep Sweater ($108)
  2. Denim Shirt ($29.95)
  3. Cap ($12.95)
  4. Sweater ($24.95)
  5. Checked Flannel Boyshirt ($69.50)
  6. Gloves ($12.95)
  7. Blazer ($59.95)
  8. Sweater ($24.95)
  9. Tube Scarf ($12.95)
  10. Corduroy Pants ($34.95)
  11. Leather Belt ($17.95)
  12. Jacket ($39.95)
  13. Knee Socks ($12.95)
  14. Leather Shoes ($99)


Katherine Grant said...

Totally Rim. You nailed it!

Lew said...

Ha!!! I diggletooth to the if only you were here to hold my hand through the actual shopping itself!!

Love, the very touched,


K.walk said...

DIGGLETOOTH!!!!...p.s. why does constantly rub it in my face that I'm not a robot...get a day job