Friday, October 12, 2012

Happy Weekend:


Happy Weekend, everyone! After over a week of being sick and not being able to do much, I'm feeling much better and am anxious to get outside and enjoy the amazingness that is the fall season.

Here's a few highlights from this week:

  1. Having an excuse to stay snuggled up in cozy blankets and eat soup and ice cream for every meal
  2. Getting caught up on my reading goals
  3. I resisted the urge to buy new (expensive) boots for another week! This is a huge deal
  4. Breaking out our cold weather clothing makes me oh so happy
  5. I finished all 99 squares for my knitted blanket (read more about it here and here)!
I had big plans this weekend to get out there for a long Saturday morning run, but Tuesday I hurt my quads doing some speed work and have some serious muscle strain going on. I have to rest for 72 hours so now my weekend plans include a whole lot of drinking Mexican Coke and then sitting down to put together the elusive knitted blanket! I have been waiting for this day for months! Hopefully I'll have photos to share next week. Until then, have a great weekend.

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