Wednesday, October 3, 2012

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I've been creeping on the new Garmin Forerunner 10 for a while now. I've been in the market for a GPS watch for my training but felt completely confused by all the different options out there. Every review I read for different models talked about all these features that I didn't really need or understand. So when I heard that Garmin was coming out with a new model, the Forerunner 10, that was apparently the smallest on the market and the easiest to operate, I was definitely interested. A friend that I run with got it a few weeks ago and I had the chance to mess around with it a little. Really easy to use, really cute (!), and just what I was wanting. So after literally stalking it on Amazon until it became available (I had an Amazon gift card to use), I finally snagged one. And the verdict: I love it!

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It's small, super easy to use, is very accurate, and finds satellites really quickly and easily no matter where I'm running. It keeps track of my time, pace, distance, and calories. It can even be used to time laps, which is handy for when I'm doing speed work. And it's waterproof, so no need to freak out if I'm running in the rain and I can use it when I'm swimming laps, which is a definite bonus. And it's only $130, which is the cheapest of all the Garmin watches on the market.

And when you plug it into the computer, you can upload your runs and keep track of them. It only holds up to seven runs in its memory so I upload my runs at the end of every week. And the site analyzes them and lets you look at them. Like this:

I'm really loving running with mine. It helps me stay on track and is enjoyable to use. If you're in the market for a GPS watch, I'd highly recommend it. It comes in green, pink (I have green), and grey. The grey one is slightly bigger and more masculine, if that's your thing. 

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