Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Sorry Laura

I tried really hard not to bruise myself before Laura's wedding. I knew when we were moving, I would probably bruise myself moving stuff. And I knew just as long as it was my legs, I'd be okay. Well, as hard as I tried, my arms are looking pretty beat up. I have some old bruises on my left arm that are healing but I noticed a particularly nasty one forming on my right arm (on the left in this picture) tonight. Not quite sure how it got there but it is blue and knotted up. There is not much hope that it will vanish before Saturday. So, I'm sorry Laura. I will bring makeup to conceal my bruises so no one thinks that I am abused or do drugs.
Today Andrew worked and Tillie and I went back to the apartment to continue on in the process of moving out. We should be done tomorrow. I cannot even express to you how badly I wish this was already done. I am so over it.
We rented that movie, Ghosts of Girlfriends past today. It wasn't bad. Pretty cute. Worth the dollar we spent renting it anyway. I don't know that I would have paid to see it in the theater. But then again, there are very few movies that I feel are worthy of that.
Andrew and I threw around the idea of auditioning to be in movies this afternoon. Wouldn't it be fun just to audition for movies or even just extras or something. And then there is our old standby dream of voice acting. It wouldn't be something that we did for a career, just something fun on the weekends or something. We both need a hobby.

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