Monday, March 23, 2009

Capturing souls with better resolution

Today we upgraded our several year old 6 mega pixel digital camera for the new Samsung TL 100 that sits right at about 12 mp. It is a really big step up from our old camera and is a lot of fun to use. We haven't really bought any new gadgets in a long while and it was cool to get this one.
On the other hand someone really hates our little purchase.

I'm convinced there is a plot to destroy our camera.

Work is good. School is boring. And life is passing a little too fast.

Meghan sent off to receive her passport today and the whole experience was a little too... funny. First of all we were getting ourselves all worked up and laughing about different ways to disturb the people that were before us while we were waiting. So we were already pretty giggly but THEN when we finally got in there Meghan had to take the picture for her passport. This is where we lost control. If you have ever seen the movie Napoleon Dynamite you'll know why it was so funny to us. Meghan sat in the chair and smiled. The lady asked her to move her head "a little to the left" which is a line from a small scene in the movie. It was pretty funny. I kept imagining Meghan "slowly easing her fist under her chin" and Meghan was thinking the same thing. Then she asked Meghan to open her eyes wide. Imagine Meghan with her head tilted slightly to the left, trying not to smile with HUGE eyes. Hysterical . That woman must have thought we were on something.

If a genie appeared to me and offered to grant me one wish I would ask to be a musical genius. I know that is selfish but it's true. Tomorrow I'll ask him to feed all the starving people, assuming I can play a righteous little ditty.

Until then ...

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Lorenzo said...

congrats on the the camera. and that whole story about meghan's picture made me laugh