Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Yeah I'm alive but I don't need a witness

Ahh the classics. I remember turning on my sister Sophia's old IBM machine, hitting the 50 mghz booster switch and getting settled for hours of demon killing adventures; A ball mouse in one hand (also known as my faithful shot gun) and a can of coke in the other. Games were much simpler then, but then again most of life seemed more simple when I was younger. This is DOOM by id Software on XBOX 360 Arcade and after all this time this golden oldie is still great fun to play.

I had a wonderful expierience the other day right here at my computer. I'll start by saying that I spend a lot of time on YouTube. Some of the best stuff you'll ever watch on a screen of any type can be found there. (Just in case you didn't already know) Well I happened across a video that was really funny all by itself but it also reminds me of some wonderful memories from my childhood. Maggie and I used to hang out and play all day and it was the greatest thing ever. One of the things I would always beg her to do to entertain me was to read (or look at) with me one of our many ZOO books that we had in the library and make the pictures of the animals talk. I loved it. It was so much fun to me, not to mention hilarious. This is a video of an adorable little girl doing that same thing but with a book about kittens! It is pretty great.

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