Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Pootie!

Today is my mom's birthday! We sent her some beautiful tulips and a really funny card this afternoon followed by a copy of one of her favorite childhood books (Gone with the Wind), a necklace, and dinner at Mimi's. Oh and I also made her a homemade chocolate cake. Andrew helped with the frosting. It was delicious, of course.

Today is also the anniversary of me getting a big girl job. It feels good to have a year of experience under my belt. I am excited to see where my future career endeavors lead me.

Lauren, I miss thee. Plain and simple.

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Fru Gal Lew said...

I miss you so much. I could really use a Marggle hug today. Know any good Marggles in S. Korea? Nope, didn't think so...