Saturday, March 21, 2009

I am the busiest of bees

Mom and I went to Home Depot today to get stuff to fix up the apartment. I got some flowers for the back flower bed and am so excited about planting them. Now that it's officially spring, I have my fingers crossed that I will get to do that soon.

Today I helped my mom bathe my sister's dog and clipped his claws in addition to both of her cats. Apparently, I am the only one in my family that isn't afraid to clip an animal's claws. I should charge for my services.

I also finally got the frame painted on this picture and hung it in the kitchen. I think it's cute. It definitely brightens it up a little.

My mom made homemade lasagna for dinner tonight and I went over to enjoy some. It is one of my very favorite dishes. Every time I came home from college, it was all I ever wanted my mom to make. It is incredibly delicious.

Now I am off to listen to Grease and work on the kitchen cabinets. Watch for pictures coming soon.

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