Saturday, March 7, 2009

DIY Saturday

Had lunch with Laura and Dan @ Purple Cow while they were in town for Laura's volleyball tournament. Then did laundry at the rents' and decided to do more stuff to the apartment. I got some new knobs for the dresser in our bedroom, got plate hangers to hang these cool new plates in the dining room, and got some terra cotta pots to plant herbs in. I painted them with chalkboard paint so I can write right on the pot which plant is which. I think I am going to paint the bottom parts bright colors to help brighten up the kitchen. And mom and I are working on making a new roman shade for the window. I've just gotten sick of it not being cute. Plus, my boss grossed me out on how dirty a house really is and just how much bacteria is everywhere so I've been disinfecting everything and I guess with that comes decorating.

Okay, story from yesterday that I promised. Kristin got a new desktop at work and her keyboard wasn't working so she went to get a new one and when she got back, there was this white liquid all over her desk. Well, it turns out it was milk and Kristin is not a fan of milk. They let the kids there at Urban Promise use the computers and I guess some kid just spilled their milk. So, she got a little upset about it but tried to let it go. And then that day she got on our blog and read the post for that day and it turns out, it was National Don't Cry Over Spilled Milk Day! How fun is that?! Great story.

I ran into Brent @ Home Depot today in the Garden Department. You know you're getting old when you start running into your friends at places like Home Depot. Gross.

More photos from my DIY fest coming soon.

Tonight Daylight Savings Time starts. Don't forget to turn your clock ahead an hour before you go to bed!

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