Thursday, March 12, 2009

Chocolate Cake

Andrew got me some delicious chocolate cake today and I enjoyed a piece with a bowl of vanilla ice cream and a nice cold glass of milk. It was incredible. Now normally I'm not a huge chocolate fan but this cake is incredible. I recommend a slice to anyone who is having even a slightly down in the dumps day. It will cure anything you've got. That, and NBC's Thursday Night Lineup.

We cleaned the apartment tonight and while I am feeling guilty about not working out and then eating cake on top of that, I did clean for almost an hour, so that has to be some calories burned there.

Andrew got a headset for the computer game he plays today and he thought I would be mad at him for it. He is silly.

I'm headed to Oaklawn again tomorrow for work only this time I'm going alone. But I get to take my dad with me and that should be exciting because he's never been. I have a really cute outfit to wear but it is going to be raining (again) so I might have to sacrifice the shoes for rainboots at least. I hate when it rains. And I hate this weather. 2 days ago, it was 80 degrees. This morning there was a layer of ice covering everything. This is ridiculous.


Lorenzo said...

that cake looks amazing! where'd it come from?

Lorenzo said...

also, this is for andrew: