Sunday, August 9, 2009

I'm back!

First things first, a quick run down of the weekend:
Drove to Ft. Smith on Friday for Girls' Weekend with Laura and Leslie. We got her invitations really to mail out, did wedding crafts, had facials, and caught up. It was fun and I know Laura feels an incredible amount of relief having those huge tasks off her back and I was happy to help.

Today we went to church and had lunch @ Marketplace. I helped her pick out some super cute swimsuits for her honeymoon to Hawaii. Then I headed home to LR where I was greeted with fanfare by my little family.

We had a nice little chat, cuddled with Tillie, and then picked up dinner. When we got bored later, we picked up a new computer game. We love to play mystery games together and we have tons of them (if someone ever wants to borrow one). Our new one is called Dracula Origins. Andrew has been trying to convince me to get this game for months now. I'm glad we waited because the price was marked down dramatically. And we picked up a copy of Clueless for $5 (love that movie, btw). So, we spent the evening playing games and snacking. And now we are tired and going to bed.

It's good to be home.

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