Thursday, August 6, 2009

You dropped a bomb on me

"I cursed myself for being surprised that this didn't play like it did in my mind."

Had the bomb dropped on me today. The BIG bomb. The one I have been dreading for weeks.

My last day of work is tomorrow. And I'm not even sad about it really. I don't want to go in the direction that our station is headed. I don't want to be associated with what is coming. I want to break away and do something different. I'm angry. And it's because of the way they chose to tell me. It wasn't professional. It wasn't anything. A lot of miscommunication led to a phone call (not even to me, btw) that led to an iffy conversation that eventually led to a very late afternoon meeting when the human resources manager stopped by my office to see if I had heard the news that I had been let go. Yes, I had, but shouldn't I have heard it from her? It just makes me angry how no one bothered to get their facts straight or approach me about this until this afternoon. What a bunch of losers. I am dunzo.

So I came home without much of an appetite and worked out. Then I ate pizza. That's right, pizza. And I undid everything I did at the gym tonight. And I really don't care. Today has been an incredibly crappy day. Andrew made me muffins though, so I guess that's one good thing.

Now I have to pack for this weekend -- heading to Ft. Smith for a girls' weekend with Laura.

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