Sunday, August 23, 2009

Isn't Sunday supposed to be a day of rest?

We have had such a busy day.

This morning, my mom called and invited me over for breakfast. Andrew was already at work. So I came over and we ate. And then we messed around and discussed things. My dad went outside to mow the backyard and came in with two baby turtles that he found. He ran over one of them with the lawn mower but it was okay. So my nephew put them in a box with grass. He named one Captain Price (from Call of Duty 4) and said I could name the other. We decided it was a girl so I named her Bridget, which means strong. I thought it was appropriate since she was the one that got run over. Tyler liked the name but decided to call her Bee for short. So we looked at Captain Price and Bridget for awhile and read about how to take care of them, even though they were going to let them go as soon as the mowing was over.

Then Tillie and I went over to Kat and Gary's. Tillie came to play with Lola (her BFF) and I came to have Crafternoon with Kat (my BFF). We did some scrapbooking, drank some tea, and caught up. We actually got a lot done. And when Tillie got tired, I called Andrew and asked him to come over and get her and take her home. So he came over but instead of getting Tillie, he ended up helping Gary rip monkey grass out of the front yard -- in his good dress slacks.

Then Kat and I went down to one of the lakes in Lakewood and ran. Kat ran 3 miles and I only ran 2 so she totally kicked my butt. I'll get there though.

When we came back, we went and picked up Subway for dinner while the boys showered. Then we ate, talked, played guitar hero, and hung out. Andrew figured out what was wrong with their Xbox. He's so smart.

When we got home, we gave Tillie a bath and now she is passed out beside me on the bed. She has had a long day and it wiped out. I think we all have.

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