Saturday, August 22, 2009

The World As It Is

The world is getting a little too interconnected for my taste. I don't much like they idea of having a cell phone...or any phone at all actually. If I could use e-mail exclusively to communicate I would be happy (although I'm not very good at keeping up with that either). Almost everyone I know is buying into this "constant communication" idea and facebook/text/twitter is a huge part of their day. I hate it. I don't want to know when everyone is wiping their a**. I know, you are saying "But Andrew, you are blogging so how are you different?" There is a difference. I believe that there needs to be a healthy distance between you, what you do, and what other people know about what your doing. There are only a few privileged people in the world who get to know that information and they are my family and my wife. I'm aware that my kids will hate me because I probably won't easily allow these things in my house. I'm being pulled into this technologically connected world kicking and screaming. Online communities like Twitter seem needy and egocentric and allow the people using them to over-glorify their existence by making it all about them and what they are doing. Maybe I'm an old grouch but I think that it is all ridiculous.

Oh and Meghan had a cute hair do today. See above.


Ben said...

Maybe now would be a bad time to tell you that I just took a huuuuuge dump. Zesty!

Lorenzo said...

truth be told, I use twitter. However, it's not a constant thing for me and I mostly post stuff I find online.