Monday, August 31, 2009

Goodbye August

We celebrated August by treating a sick puppy. Tillie had some stomach issues that were giving her some trouble so I spent the day with her, giving her attention and monitoring her dietary needs. When Tillie isn't feeling well, she gets to eat a hard boiled egg instead of her kibble. Consequently, this is her favorite food in the world so I don't think she minds so much when she is under the weather. Only this time, I mixed her egg with baby doses of Pepto Bismal and she is doing much better. She is running and playing and pretty soon will be back to her old tricks.

We learned today that our YMCA has a competitive swimming league for people 18+ and Andrew is really excited about learning more about that and possibly getting back into swimming. I am going to be adding swimming to my workout which I think will help me gain endurance.

I've also discovered a place here in NLR that offers classes to get certified in scuba diving and I am trying to convince Andrew to do that with me. Maybe it's because of his fear of open water, but he doesn't seem as excited about it as I do.

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