Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Proof that today wasn't a complete waste

Met up with my mom this afternoon and had lunch @ McAlister's. And we took Tillie to get some new treats since she ate all of hers. Then came home and did job stuff -- applied for a job with the Arkansas Department of Heritage. And I found Andrew an amazing part time job at UALR that he is totally qualified for. We are going to work on getting his resume ready for that job this week.

Tonight we made Macaroni Grill Garlic Chicken Penne Pasta in the comfort of our own home. And I watched the National Womens' Gymnastics competition again.

I looked in my mailbox and guess what I found? A postcard from Kristin's recent trip to Korea! It completely made my day and made me feel a little closer to those crazy globe trotting twins. Kristin comes home in just a few weeks and I am so excited, I am literally counting the days until she arrives.

I was supposed to go running but Schuck came over so I had a shake from Sonic instead. Real good, I know.

And I figured out what I am getting Maggie for Christmas. It is going to be fabulous and so stinking cute you can hardly stand it. Get ready.

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