Monday, September 14, 2009

Ghost like Swayze

Today was just one of those days. A terrible Monday for sure.

Mom went with me down to the unemployment office to get some stuff straightened out. We waited forever. Again. It was really crappy. I hate that place. I never want to go back there.

Also been thinking about that job @ Stephens a lot lately. I was thisclose to getting it but lost to this other girl just because she already had the licenses needed. I was a better fit. Everyone wanted me. But they went with that girl. I know all this. And I know how awesome they thought I was. And I still didn't get it. Knowing all of that still doesn't make it any easier. In fact, I think it might make it harder because I know how close I was and how I lost to something that I had no control over. Boo.

And Patrick Swayze died today. Very sad. There is a really good article about his life on MSN.

Today was rainy and grey. That didn't make things easier.

I'm just tired. And my head hurts. I feel very discouraged and disappointed in myself. If my resume looks really great and I do really well on interviews and everyone likes me, then how come I don't have a job yet? How does that work?

On a happier note, I went this afternoon to go get some stuff for Laura's bachelorette this weekend. Get excited, Laura. It's gonna be awesome.

Oh and Andrew has been training Tillie to do some tricks. It's good to see him so dedicated to it. Soon she'll be tap dancing down the hall.


Kat said...

Don't worry Marge, something will come through soon! You're a very talented person and anyone would be lucky to have you!

K.walk said...

Seer, Meghan. Hang on, buddy. I know it's tough but keep trying. I'm rooting for you all over the place. Thanks for your encouragement 'bout my music. I have LOVED LOVED LOVED hanging out with you!!! I'd love to smuggle you back to Wilmers but I think they'd bust me - if Andrew didn't first. I love you, Margiepants.