Sunday, September 6, 2009

Our new cabinet

Today was Heidi's birthday. So, happy birthday Heidi! We went to lunch @ the Tin Can and picked up our new cabinet. Isn't it incredible? I am so excited to get it home and put stuff in it.

We also wandered around Cherokee Street and perused old antique stores. It's a really cool part of town.

After all that, my parents got to come and check out Ben & Heidi's new digs. And my dad found another house around the corner that he loved. He got that look in his eye that says we haven't heard the last about this house. He's got plans for it, I can tell.

For dinner, we had some pizzas delivered, watched Hot Fuzz, and messed around. It was fun. If you knew how much fun we had, you'd be jealous you weren't a part of it.

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