Saturday, September 5, 2009

Friday & Saturday


We woke up to rain and our Six Flags plans were cancelled. So we spent the day with Andrew's family. We had lunch @ Crepes in the City. Then we hit up the Soulard Farmer's Market -- really huge and really cool. Nice people watching too.

Then we went to this really great old architectural salvage store that Andrew's brother turned us on to. And we found the coolest cabinet. We haggled the price down to a decent amount and will probably return tomorrow to pick it up. It's pretty large however, so we still haven't figured how to get it back to Arkansas yet. Anyway, this store was located in the old Lemp Brewery building and we got to go up in a part of it and take a look around. It was incredibly cool. I wish I could have explored the rest. Apparently there are some underground tunnels that used to house a theater, swimming pool, and bowling alley.

It seems like there are lots of secrets hidden in this city. Maybe we'll get to explore more tomorrow.


We left LR @ 10a and drove forever. We discovered that Tillie doesn't do so well in the car over long distances. She just couldn't seem to calm down enough and relax. She was very concerned about what was happening. She did lay down for a little while but never really rested. We stopped a few places -- gas in Blytheville, lunch in Cape Girardeau, etc. We made it to St. Louis around 5p, right on schedule. We chatted, had a very delicious dinner, and ate gelato and walked around Washington Ave. Then we shared some of our Ireland pictures and went to bed.

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