Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I might go crazy getting there.

We literally stayed busy the entire day.
Andrew had school and work. I helped move furniture. And we moved Andrew's beast of a TV. And if you've ever lived in an apartment with Andrew or helped him move, you know what a feat that is. I don't anticipating that TV being with us for much longer.
I finally had some free time after dinner & ANTM to unpack and set some things up. And the canvases I painted for the bathroom now have a new home above our bed. I am missing our accent pillows (still at the apartment) but it looks cute, wouldn't you agree?
We did some major work today: hauling, lifting, carrying, and pushing. Our backs are hurting. Our arms are sore. Our fingers are smarting. And I have so many buises, I look like an overripe banana. And its not over yet. Tomorrow we tackle cleaning, painting, and damage control back at the old apartment.
So, sorry if it seems like we have fallen off the planet lately. We are still here. Our posts might be short (still haven't figured out the whole wireless router thing yet) but we are always available by phone. That is unless of course we don't want to answer.

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Lorenzo said...

yea, that tv was made in the pits of Hell.

it has a great picture but the daggum thing weighs a thousand pounds!