Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Home again

I apologize for the late post but we literally just got home. It won't be much of a post either. We are tired, dirty, and grumpy. And we've both got big days tomorrow. We're not even going to attempt unpacking anything tonight. We are just going to bed.

Here are some highlights of our Labor Day though:

I spent the day @ Six Flags St. Louis with my parents and nephew (who also spent the long weekend exploring St. Louis). We had a lot of fun. The weather was nice and the lines were relatively short. Tyler had a blast and said he really enjoyed St. Louis. He was intrigued by the Arch and even more so once he found out you could go inside. When we move there (notice I said when, not if) we will have to bring him there.

Andrew spent the day hanging out with his brother. I'm glad he got a lot of quality time in with Ben -- it's always something he looks forward to but rarely gets to do. I wish we could make it more of a regular thing.

We didn't get to bring our new cabinet home because it wouldn't fit in my car. So for now, it resides in Ben & Heidi's front room. But when we come up for Thanksgiving, we are bringing Andrew's car and will pick it up. I will just have to dream about it until then.

Off to bed we go. Tillie has already got a head start. She is worn out from the weekend's activities.

I have an interview tomorrow. Wish me luck.


Lorenzo said...

Good luck!

Ben said...

Good luck today!!!

We enjoyed having you guys for the weekend, although it was far too short. Can't wait for the next time. I need more brother from the same mother time.