Friday, September 18, 2009

We are a little early on the whole Halloween thing.

Andrew didn't have to work today so we woke up early and hit up Shipley's for some donuts with Chad before he left for Jonesboro.

Picked up some last minute stuff for Laura's bachelorette.

Then had lunch with Andrew and mom and hung out with Tyler.

Then Andrew and I moved some stuff into the rents'.

We met Kat, Gary, and Kristin for dinner @ American Pie Pizza. It was delicious as always. Then we went next door to Party City and checked out the Halloween costumes. They had some pretty entertaining masks. And we took our time trying them on. I know you wanted me to delete this picture Krit, but I couldn't. It's too hilarious.

Andrew and Shuck are hanging out now, like always on Friday nights. And as always, they are very entertaining.

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