Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Black and White ( ...And Gray Too!)

Isnt' that the truth? Gray is always under represented in the naming of a BLACK and WHITE photo. It is very sad. Gray is one of my all time favorite colors. So to Gray I say, "Not today my friend. It may be a day of many things but not one where YOU are forgotten!"

Sometimes you just got'ta champion for the little guy.

We've had this camera for what.. months right? I just now found out how to use the black and white feature. And it seems (to me anyway) that any picture looks just a touch better in b&w. I don't know why. I took pictures of the ceiling fan and I was making Meghan look at them like they were pictures of Bigfoot or something. Incredible.

So I'm still working and doing that school thing all the while Meghan is really working (real job) and applying for jobs like a mad woman - I think it is great. Tomorrow she is applying for a job in St. Louis. Pretty rad I thought.

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