Thursday, July 2, 2009

Happy July!

Sorry, I missed the posting time for this by about 30 minutes. But this is going to be about Wednesday, July 1, so just pretend midnight never happened.

Andrew and I got home from work and had dinner and then went by my parents' house and gave Tyler his presents. He didn't seem too excited about the hurling jersey but seemed interested in the prospect of having a hurling stick. And he really liked all the foreign currency we brought him back. And he seemed really excited to see the pictures we took of castles and mummified animals and hear all the stories associated with those pictures. He and Andrew will have fun spending the day together tomorrow.

Then later, Andrew and I went to West End for a farewell celebration for his boss. Is was crazy and loud but fun. We won gift certificates to Applebees and P.F. Chang's for door prizes. And we got some good baking advice from the pastry chef. Andrew has a Guinness and said it was terrible. Kevin, just so you know, Andrew said he will probably never drink a Guinness over here again. He is officially spoiled.

We're tired. It's after midnight. And I have a big day at work tomorrow.

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