Sunday, July 5, 2009

Sunday Sunday

Woke up in the wee morning hours to loud thunder and power outages which made me cuddle a little closer to Andrew, pull the covers over my head, and wish for it to be over soon. I can sleep when it's raining --I actually prefer it -- but thunderstorms are not my friend. Even Tillie sought refuge under the covers.

Andrew woke up early and headed off to a long day of work. I woke up later and met my parents, Tyler, and Rachel for breakfast. Then we headed back to finish off the rest of the fireworks from yesterday. And I got to share some of our funny pictures from the trip with Tyler and he really enjoyed them.

For dinner we went to Applebee's and used the gift card we had won earlier in the week. But we hardly ate any of it. I think I might have eaten one chicken strip. The leftovers are still sitting in our fridge. They've been there, untouched for a few hours now. And in this house, that's a record. We've been drinking a lot of milk lately and it has left us feeling pretty full all day.

I've been rereading the 6th Harry Potter book in anticipation of the new movie coming out in a few weeks. And we rented the video game but I already beat it yesterday.

Nothing else newsworthy to report unless you count grocery shopping, getting gas, and watering plants interesting.

Oh, but Andrew is unable to locate his phone at the moment. If you need him, call me.

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