Thursday, July 16, 2009

I see you seeing me

I have an enemy that lives very close by. You might could say the little stinker lives right here in my own home. You could even say he is always there lying in wait on the bathroom floor biding his time for the perfect moment to stub my toe and remind me...I've gained some weight.

If you know me you might not know (or you might) that I am pretty self conscience when it comes to my figure and the number on that evil Mr. Taylor. Over the last few months I've really let myself be quite lazy. Partially because I am lazy and partially because I have had some minor back problems. However about a month or two ago I decided that I was going to be lean. So that is what I'm going to do. Be lean.

I haven't much else to say except that I would like to commend my brother. My grandmother has fallen into poor mental and physical health over the past few years and Ben has taken in her dog Shadow. Now, when you've got a dog that just looks in your eyes and loves everything you are, faults and all, you've got a great dog. Shadow is a great dog. Now it is time for Shadow to be done. Old age, cataracts, and a tumor are weighing on her old bones and now it is time for her to really and finally rest. I'm very proud of my brother. It takes courage to decide to be there in the last moments of a life instead of just waiting for it to end.

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