Sunday, July 12, 2009

The fox and the hound

We took Tillie to Petsmart this morning to pick up some stuff for our upcoming camping trip and while we were there, we went down the toy aisle to see if there was anything that caught her eye (since she has destroyed almost every toy she owns). We have a pretty fun selection process: we pick up a toy and throw it on the ground in front of her and see her reaction to it. If she seems really interested in it and starts playing with it, then we get it. You would think she would play with any toy put in front of her, but she doesn't. She is very selective. She knows what she wants and she holds out for it. So, we put this stuffed fox in front of her and immediately she picked it up and started shaking it and biting it. So, we took it home. And she loves it. It's the same way with the duck that she has -- there's just something about the toys that look like real animals. Maybe it's in her blood or instincts or something. Anyway, it's really fun to watch her play with it. She treats it like it's a real animal skin.

We went and worked out pretty hard this evening. And I used a few machines I hadn't used before. And now my arms are really weak and rubbery.

Also, the fresco menu @ Taco Bell is pretty good. And it's provides a lot of low-fat options. You should check it out.

Schuck is here and the boys are playing video games (again). I am thinking about just doing some laundry, reading a few chapters in a book, and going to bed. I'm tired. And this week is going to be a hard week so I need all the rest I can get.

Oh, and to answer your question, Ben, I am looking for any position relating to Marketing, PR, Promotions, Event Planning, or Broadcasting. Let me know if you hear of anything.

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