Monday, July 27, 2009

Scorpion in the house!

So, last night, Tillie and I shut ourselves in the bedroom, turned out the lights, and went to bed fairly early while Andrew and Schuck stayed up, laptops connected at the dining room table, playing video games until the early morning hours. At a little after one, I awoke to Andrew standing over me exclaiming that he caught a scorpion in the living room. I woke up this morning to discover the pictures Andrew had taken of the little creature on our camera. And when I questioned him about it more in detail this afternoon, instead of ensuring me that it was the most harmless kind, he tells me that it was a tiny one and apparently, with scorpions, the tinier the deadlier. Nice. Now everywhere I go, I expect to see some little thing on the floor with its pinchers waiving madly in the air. I don't care if that thing had cruel intentions or not, scorpions are creepy. And the next one I see doesn't stand a chance -- let that be a warning to all poisonous insects.

My mom picked Tyler up this morning and I met them for lunch. Andrew called me as soon as we sat down to eat and ended up meeting up with us and we all had lunch together. Then Tyler came over after work and he and Andrew played Star Wars legos. I watched the season finale of the Bachelorette and just like I predicted, Ed won. It was sweet too. And I am awesome with my ability to predict the future.

Here is our current situation in detail for those of you who have been following along:
On or before August 14th, I will lose my job. Our company is auctioning off all of our stations and the local station, the only one with a sales team, has been purchased already. The people who have purchased it however, do not have the budget to bring the entire sales team on. They are still wrapped up with FCC stuff but as soon as everything is set, they will take over. That may happen at any time. I could walk into work tomorrow without a job. It won't be any later than August 14th, this I know for sure. I have been applying to as many places as I can. Every week. Wherever it is. I have applied for many here in Little Rock and even one in St. Louis (fingers crossed that one works out). Until something happens with that though, we are here in limbo, waiting. It is incredibly frustrating and at times discouraging but Andrew is being incredibly supportive and I know things will work out eventually, just how they are supposed to. And we will be fine. So don't anybody worry about us. But do continue to keep your eyes and ears open for something (anything, really) relating to marketing, pr, advertising, communications, or broadcasting. And thanks.

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