Saturday, July 25, 2009

"Your Dog Is Amazing"

First of all HAPPY BIRTHDAY NOLAN! It is my nephew Nolan's birthday and he provided the title to todays blog. He just loved the pictures of Tillie when we were visiting.

We didn't do much today, I worked and Meghan spent the day with Tillie and bought groceries.

We rented Bedtime Stories from the Red Box and watched it after a nice chicken pasta dinner prepared by Meghan.

I know you see a lot of picutres of our Tillie but I promise we aren't those people. Really, we aren't those crazy weirdo dog people. You have to understand...her little's so cute. And it really is a big part of our day so it is just natural to have her in our pictures.

By the way, this is hilarious: You'd better think twice America!

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