Friday, July 24, 2009

The day the laundry was done

"A meal without wine is like a day without sunshine."
-- Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin

Had lunch with Mom today @ San Fransisco. Then we went to Old Navy. They had some really cute sweaters and button down shirts. I pined away a bit after them but got over it quickly. With no job on the horizon, we just don't have extra money for new clothes right now. Boo.

I ducked out of work early to pick up Laura and Dan and take them to the airport. Dan's family is throwing them a wedding shower in Michigan this weekend. And I finally got to see her new car, which is like mine, only newer. As a thank you for taking them to the airport, Laura got us a bottling of Riesling, which is fast becoming my favorite wine. It's called Encyclopedia and I'm pretty sure it's made my Frances Ford Coppola. Crazy. It made me think of the Walker twins and their band, Encyclopedia Brown. It tastes pretty good too. I am enjoying a glass right now.

Andrew and I went to dinner @ Larry's tonight because we have no groceries. And I finally got started on the mass of laundry taking up residence in our hallway. I'm pretty sure I haven't done laundry since we got back from Ireland. It has gotten pretty disgusting.

Kat called me this morning to inform me that one of our favorite movies of all time, Alice in Wonderland, is coming out on March 5, 2010 as a live action movie. It is directed by Tim Burton (genius) and stars Johnny Depp so I know it will be fantastic. We already have a date to go see it the day it comes out.

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