Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Half Blood Prince

No, Tillie is not the Half Blood Prince...I mean she could be...she is pretty underhanded and clever. No, no thats crazy talk. She'd be the Half Blood Princess. What was I thinking?

As you can guess we went to see the new Harry Potter movie at the Chenal IMAX. Now, I've never been to an IMAX before and let me tell you what I expected; A bubble like room that was all screen all the way around with the chairs just sort of floating in the middle. BOY WAS I LET DOWN. It was just a theater. Thats it. Chairs and a screen. The chairs did recline pretty far though and that was really nice. (not nice enough to make up for the lack of a high tech bubble theater with floating chairs.)

The movie was good. It was emotionally draining as you would expect. Meghan and I can not wait for the next two movies to come around. It is going to be wonderful.

Since we didn't take a cool picture while we were out and about on our normal day we settled for another of Tillie, The Half Blood Princess.

Enjoy it.

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Lorenzo said...

So did ya'll really see it on the IMAX screen?

I was wondering cause Erika and I were gonna go see it this weekend, but the website says they're still playing transformers 2 on the IMAX screen?

Glad to hear it was good though!