Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Past, Present, and Future

We went over to the rents' house for dinner. Mom made homemade lasagna and salad. Andrew and I brought the wine. It was incredible. They finally got their flat screen TV on the wall in what is to be the new den. It looks nice but now it makes that TV look small. I guess they're just going to have to get an even bigger one.

Dad showed me a picture of my great great great grandfather who we just found out lived his whole life right here in Arkansas. He is buried in Carson Lake, Arkansas which is near Blytheville. We threw around the idea of going up there and going through the old records at the courthouse to see what we could dig up about him. Interesting, huh?

We were also presented with a pretty incredible vacation opportunity. We're excited to see what happens with that.

I am getting ready to meet Kat up at the gym to train for the up-coming half marathon. And I am full of lasagna and wine. This could be bad.

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